Real estate industry

Who we work for in the real estate industry sector:

  • Owners / operators / asset management;
  • Project developers;
  • Public authorities / economic development corporations;
  • Architects / town and urban development planners;
  • Marketer;


What our clients can rely on us for:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the market;
  • Branding and marketing know-how;
  • Communications and dialogue skills;
  • Creativity and the correct questions;
  • Experience gained from big interdisciplinary and international project development teams.


What we specifically provide:

  • Branding, brand design (naming, brand names / trademarks, company narrative, brand corporate design / identity including information and control systems);
  • PR / press relations work (including support in political environments);
  • Provide information (websites, brochures, presentations, rendering / 3D animated graphics, trade fair displays, etc.);
  • Advertising (from building site sign to marketing advert);
  • Advice on marketing and marketing concepts
  • Dialogue with the public / stakeholders (process design and realisation, online and offline, from workshops to hearings and from participation to co-creation).



  • Standort Niederrhein GmbH, Neuss;
  • WFMG Wirtschaftsförderung Mönchengladbach GmbH, Mönchengladbach;
  • MG3.0 Masterplan Mönchengladbach e.V., Mönchengladbach;
  • WFG Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Krefeld mbh, Krefeld;
  • Jagenberg AG, Krefeld;
  • MG Grund GmbH, Mönchengladbach;
  • Dr. Schrammen Architekten BDA, Mönchengladbach;
  • Van Pol Beheer BV, Roermond / NL;
  • BELANTIS – Eventpark GmbH & Co. KG, Leipzig;


Customers whose projects have been completed:

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin (participation in the Mönchengladbach Team interdisciplinary research project “City 2030”)
  • D. Langen Liegenschaften, Mönchengladbach (development and implementation branding concept KoenigsKarree).
  • McArthurGlen, London (PR / Press relations and information within the framework of the project development for Designer Outlet Center in Germany and the Netherlands).
  • OVG Real Estate B.V., Rotterdam (participation in project development team Factory Outlet Center).
  • Schlafhorst Businesspark, Mönchengladbach (Branding, literature, PR/press relations and advertising within the framework of project development and marketing).
  • Vangenhassend GmbH, Düsseldorf (presentations and sales literature, participation in sales and partner strategies).
  • voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH, Düsseldorf (positioning concepts and presentation documentation for the sale of a 6,5 hectare industrial site).



Michael Duisberg