Public Authorities and Government

Who we work for in the sector covering public authorities and government:

  • Governmental departments, local and municipal authorities
  • Municipal owned and municipal operated companies;
  • Political parties;


What our clients can rely on us for:

  • Experience in processing contracts from public authorities;
  • The full service of a modern advertising agency (including digital solutions);
  • Campaign know-how;
  • Communications and dialogue skills;


What we specifically provide:

  • PR / press relations work (including support in political environments);
  • Providing information (websites, literature, presentations, trade fair appearances, etc.);
  • Advertising campaigns (including election campaign advertising);
  • Dialogue with the public / stakeholders (process design and realisation, online and offline, from workshops to hearings and from participation to co-creation);
  • Branding, brand design (naming, brand names / trademarks, campaign signs, company narrative, corporate design);



  • Standort Niederrhein GmbH;
  • Stadt Mönchengladbach (City of Mönchengladbach);
  • WFMG Wirtschaftsförderung Mönchengladbach (Economic Development Mönchengladbach);
  • EWMG Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mönchengladbach (Development Company of the city of Mönchengladbach);
  • MGMG Marketinggesellschaft Mönchengladbach (Marketing Corporation for Mönchengladbch);
  • WFG Wirtschaftsförderung Krefeld (Economic Development, Krefeld);
  • CDU Mönchengladbach (Christian Democratic Union);


Customers whose projects have been completed:

  • Thüringer Landesmediananstalt (State Media Authority Thüringen);



Michael Duisberg